“We encourage them to communicate with us

Four PUSD incumbents and three challengers also appeared, vying for seats in three School Board districts. District 1 incumbent and board president Kimberly Kenne faced former attorney Rita Miller, while District 3 incumbent Adrienne Ann Mullen faced PUSD classified employee Michelle Richardson Bailey. Former Board President and District 5 incumbent, Elizabeth Pomeroy faced Muir High School teacher Matthew Baron..

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Although we do not pre screen comments

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one of the quaintest and prettiest

Silver: There are provisions in our constitution for challenges of games, but they only based on misapplication of rules, not on judgment of calls. (In the latter case), just like a player who misses a shot, there generally nothing that can be done. Even so, over time with transparency, the hope is our officials will be getting better because of this.

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These not only produce death and destruction but also vast

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