As we travel across campus to engage faculty and students about the ongoing LMS pilot project, we’ve been routinely asked what is driving the project.

It’s simple, actually: the OU Desire2Learn contract expires next summer. In the ever changing technology industry, a couple years can be an eternity, and so before we embark on another multi-year contract for something so critical to the student learning experience, we want to ensure that we are making the right decision! The point of this pilot is to take an in depth look at where we’ve been, where we are now,  and where we’re going.

While opinions are important, so is objectivity. As such, we are doing our best to gather as much data this semester as possible. Through a mixture of faculty and student demos, usage tests, surveys, personal demonstrations, deep technical vetting, and live courses, we hope to collect as many different types of feedback as we can, from as much of the University as possible. The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Center for Educational Development and Research are also working to collect additional data to supplement and compliment what OU IT is doing.

The other common questions we’ve been receiving relate to the timeline: when will a decision be made, and how long will we have to make adjustments?

Our plan is to have a completed analysis to University leadership by June 1 in hopes that a decision can be made by July.  This would leave us at least one complete year to make any necessary transitions.  As we’ve been telling folks that we talk to, something will change.  Having the right tool is only one piece of the puzzle, as we will also be making recommendations for how the university can better support the tool and the students and faculty that depend on it.

We sincerely appreciate all the feedback we have received so far, and want to thank you all for any time you have devoted to this project.  Please continue to send your questions and feedback to