How to build a desktop personal computer?

In case you wish to build a desktop personal computer on your own, then you can easily do it without any hazard. You just need to follow the below instructions and you can be able to make your personal computer of your choice that will be an award for you.

Prepare the Main board

To bring together the well good machine you have to use Intel i7, i5, or i3 motherboard.  For your motherboard, it is important to make the selection of appropriate CPU and as per the instructions, install it. You should be careful at the time of installing the CPU otherwise you may face the problem of damage or short-circuit of the motherboard or your personal computer may not work properly. After that, you should fix the cooler CPU unit to the mother board.

What about RAM?

The motherboard must have some slots containing two or three sections of different length. It should be important that RAM cards should program with pins on motherboard connector. Make sure that PCI slots do not get mixed with RAM slots however slots known by PCI are wider.

You have to make the entire necessary connections directly to motherboards and drives in a proper manner. Read all the instructions to get the proper place of the mother-board and according to that insert or place the motherboard.

personal computer

The next step is to mount the hard disk and connect this to the power supply and the motherboard. Make sure there must be a separate connecting point for motherboard and power supply. Remove the jumper in case of SATA hard disk. If you are thinking about the monitor like what kind of monitor to choose then you can choose the imac due to its great looks and better display and the same is launched by Apple Inc.

Connect the connectors of SATA appropriately

Do not forget to connect the SATA connections to the connectors and drives. You can read the instruction of motherboard and case for better understanding of cables connection. Bring the control of 4 pin power supply connector and 24 or 20 pin connector to connect the same.

When you connect the device to the ATA cable, and then clasp it according the level of power supply. Now all the procedure is done, you just have to sect a companionable OS and install the same in your personal computer by following the instructions.

Some important Tips

  • You should keep all instruction manuals with you for future use.
  • You must do your work after reading the instructions in CPU box.

Until your personal computer is not hooked up completely, do not turn on it.

Why Desktop PC live together? Technology in today’s world has become very broad and a variety of products comes around after every new day. With the invention of iPad and Windows 8 RT tablets, almost every people have become habitual to use the touch-friendly version of products. Most of the people may think that the mobile devices can anytime kill off the business of desktop PC. Well, the use of mobile devices is very convenient option to work from anywhere in anytime if needed. But when it comes to work for long time and serious kind of work in an office then nothing can compete the desktop. However tablet, laptop or phone may be very convenient option that can fit in your backpack or pocket but these devices have some drawbacks like they have expensive price, limited screen size or computing power.

Let’s have a look on some of the important reasons why desktop PC is best?

Desktop PCs are cheap

There will be no stress on your pocket at the time of buying the desktops or repairing as the same are very cheap as compared to laptops. Mobile component are very expensive due to their size, and engineering techniques so that they can work with PC and can easily fit inside the tablets, smart phones or laptops.

You get extra screen real estate with desktops

According to some researchers, you can be more productive if you work on large screen. 17.3 inches is the largest screen size available in the market, and it is referred to be a huge screen size for laptop users. It this size is not better that 20 or 24-inch monitor of desktop PC.

Desktops are more powerful than laptops

Processors used in personal computer are more powerful as compared to laptop processors. Laptop processors design in such a way to produce less heat and use less energy. They are smaller in size rather than desktop processors. The reason behind this is laptops run on their battery life, and laptop processors fix to closed and tight chassis and encircled by various small fans.

Meanwhile, desktop processors work for a longer duration. The same surround by some fans or liquid cooling system so that temperatures remain down. Hence, they are more powerful as well as they are flexible to clock over to run at great speed.